Hi, I'm Jason.
I'm a problem solver.
I love solving problems. I get a rush out of making someone's world a little easier, a little prettier, a little nicer.

At my previous company, we had a problem; we needed more output from our engineering team but didn't have any plans to hire. I'd been reading about this crazy thing called Promiscuous Pairing, so I pitched the idea to the team. They were awesome and said, "Let's try it." It was a huge success! By a conservative estimate, we increased productivity by over 30% as a result.
My Passion.
I'm passionate about learning.
I can't stop reading. Hacker News, classical literature, Stack Overflow, sci-fi/fantasy, classical-era European memoirs, philosophy, and silly things like If Hemingway Wrote JavaScript and Gizmodo. Can't stop studying, either. Whether it's a new language like Elm or Rust, the newest framework, or CSS spec, I just can't stop.

Learning is important, but it's not an end in itself. I get really excited about helping others with what I've learned. That way, everyone benefits.
My Focus.
I focus on competency.
I strive to outdo myself, always. I empower others so that they, too, can outdo themselves. I got certified as a Professional Scrum Master so that I could be a better developer, and so I can help others become better at what they do.
Let's Talk.


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Want to discuss how I can help you solve problems? I would be honored if you emailed me.
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