Hi, I'm Jason.
I'm a problem solver.
I solve problems for clients. Sometimes those clients are customers, sometimes they are my co-workers.

At my previous company, our app and internal tools were confusing and inconsistent in some spots. As a result, clients were wasting time. I reorganized layouts, showed consistent information, provided tooltips, showed more helpful information. Now we have happier clients. ☺
My Passion.
I'm passionate about learning.
I can't stop reading. Hacker News, classical literature, Stack Overflow, sci-fi/fantasy, FrontEnd Focus, classical-era European memoirs, philosophy, and silly things like If Hemingway Wrote JavaScript and Gizmodo. Can't stop studying, either. Whether it's the newest framework, CSS spec, or ES28 (that's out now, right?), I just can't stop.

Learning is important, but it's not an end in itself. I get really excited about helping others with what I've learned. That way, everyone benefits.
My Focus.
I focus on competency.
I strive to outdo myself, always. I empower others so that they, too, can outdo themselves. I got certified as a Professional Scrum Master so that I could be a better developer, and so I can help others become better at what they do.
Let's Talk.


Reach Out

Want to discuss how I can help you solve problems? I would be honored if you emailed me.
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